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Algorithm-driven software
Our algorithm-embedded, proprietary software analyzes every transaction to find suspicious activity. It’s like handing you a glass of water out of a Niagara Falls of data.
Like none other
We’ve been tested in side-by-side comparisons with other services that claim to catch theft. Our customers tell us, “Next Wave catches theft the others can’t.”
Return on investment
In as little as two months our customers are adding 2 percent of recovered revenue to their top-line sales. On average, that’s $2,000 a month.
Fired Proof
You will fire thieves. And you’ll have all the proof you need at the unemployment hearing. Our “Caught-in-the-act” case files include YouTube-like video clip evidence.
Easy Installation
Most of our customers install our theft detection system themselves in conjunction with our on-call support team. But we also offer professional installation.
Surveillance too
Old school surveillance systems are necessary…but they don’t make money. For our customers who want Theft Spot with a companion surveillance system, we do it.
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